Special Offer

Important Letter and Exclusive Offer Created Especially for

Your Law Firm

Welcome to the page that I have create exclusively for your business.

I know I can help improve your business that is why can see how much effort I have gone to in order to attract your attention.

As I was able to prove to you in the pack I sent you, thousands of people this month alone, were actively searching on the Internet for your business but they couldn’t find you.

I hope that you didn’t just take my word for it, but actually searched for your business on Google yourself.

No doubt like me you were shocked to see how a business as important as yours was nowhere to be seen while your competitors were soaking up all of the business.

Not only are they cleaning up all of the business that you should be getting online but they are getting even more sales than they would normally get.

Here is the reason why:

• 97% of consumers now use the Internet to research products and services in their local area (when was the last time you used the Yellow Pages?)

• Research has proven that these savvy shoppers actually spend 41% MORE than they normally would just by shopping online with LOCAL businesses.

These are real statistics. For further proof ask your family and friends where they do their research when looking for local products and services. I guarantee that they the vast majority will search on the Internet.
THOUSANDS of  people are actively looking for your business this month alone, but next month it will be more and it will increase the month after that. The Internet is here to stay and has changed the way customers choose to purchase their goods and services.
As I mentioned earlier, I spent a long time researching and creating the information pack for you.

It was created especially for your business because I am passionate about helping local businesses discovering the huge earning potential of the Internet especially if they have invested in a website that nobody is visiting.

No doubt your competitors are overjoyed that you are not being found in the search engines, but I can change that.

As you can see from the information that I provided, I pride myself on detail and providing the best service possible for my clients.

When those THOUSANDS of people month search for your business or service I will make sure that it is YOUR company that will be found so that you can take back the business that your competitors were sucking up online without you even knowing.

I understand that you have spent a lot of money on advertising recently and are probably disappointed with the lack of results.

However, I also know that you will be itching to get your share of the profits on the Internet especially now that you have seen the results for yourself. It’s only natural for a business as professional as yours not to want to give business away to your competitors.

That is why I created this offer just for you.

I want to get your business found online. It’s my business. It’s what I do.

I don’t want to see your site floating in no-man’s land while other businesses similar to yours get all of the business.

As incentive to allow me to be the one to get your site ranked and found on the Internet by LOCAL people wanting to use your services or buy your product I am prepared to waive 20% of my normal fees in order to get the opportunity to work with you.

I have the edge over your competitors because I already know your business well from all of the research I have done for you and will make sure that they don’t dominate the search engines any more.

When people search for your business  they will find your site instead of it being lost somewhere on the Internet where they can’t find it.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Kind regards

Lorenzo Gutierrez


As you know, I am extremely thorough and if I put all of the work into creating the information pack just to attract your attention you can imagine just how hard I work for my clients. They are delighted with the extra business I have brought their way.

As a result I can only work with a limited number of clients as the work involved is so time intensive. So although I am very keen to work with you, I’m afraid that I can only leave this offer open for 7 days.

I’d love to hear from you before that and start working on promoting your site as soon as possible so that you don’t lose any more sales. You can contact me directly today on: Tel 1888 517-3368