Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of our website is listed below, kindly read the policy for more clarity on how we work and do business online

Client Information:

  • When a client contacts us we collect information from them like name, contact number, email id, or debit/credit card. We do not disclose this to a third party. All the information provided by the clients during a business deal is kept confidential.
  • We cross check all the information given by the clients in order to prevent any fraudulent transaction as far as debit/credit card payment is concerned.
  • We retain information of the clients who do business with us for future business opportunities.

Website Use:

  • When you surf our website we collect your personal data for security purpose. A cookie is used for accessing our website which is harmless for the users.
  • Your IP address is recorded by the server which is done for security purpose. When you access our website all your hardware and software information are temporarily recorded for security purpose.

Location tracking

  • Your location is tracked through the IP address. We do not use GPS tracking system.


  • Cookies are stored on your device for identifying your system. We may or may not retain your information for security purpose. We do not share or hijack any information from your system through our cookies. The cookies are only meant for identification purpose.

Browsing Information

  • Any browsing information we collect is only for security purpose and but mainly for improving our website service.

Services offered

  • The services mentioned on our website are not free. A client has to pay for the service as decided at the mentioned payment schedule.
  • Fee is different for all the services and it may vary from one client to another depending on the functionality required.


  • We may share private data for legal reasons. In case of fraud committed by a client, like non-payment for the work done, legal action will be initiated by the company against the client.
  • We perform all the tasks according to our client’s requirement so the client should make payment according to the payment schedule. If a client does not make payment then a libel suit may be initiated.
  • Any legal action by the client, if any should be initiated in our jurisdiction.
  • We do not have any other associate or a website so beware of our clones before getting in to a contract; in such cases we won’t be responsible.


  • We do not have affiliates so we do not share our client’s information with anyone. We do not share information with any company.

Change in Privacy Policy

  • Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We regularly update our Privacy Policy according to the local data protection and regulatory authorities.