PPC Management

pay per click ppc management services 300x166  PPC ManagementPPC Management means “Pay per click” Management. It is also known as “Cost per click” Management.

On the internet, PPC is nothing but an advertising medium used for diverting web traffic to the websites. The advertisers pay to the publishers only for the number of clicks or traffic diverted to their website.

A PPC management company helps the advertisers to detect and get only the valid clicks so that they can pay accordingly to the ad publishers.

The most important role of a PPC agency is to detect fraud clicks so that the advertisers don’t have to pay for invalid or fraud clicks.

How Pay Per Click Management works?

Pay per click management services allow the advertisers to display their ads on content based websites by paying fixed price per click whereas, the advertisers have to pay as per keyword for displaying ads in the search engines.

Effective PPC campaign management is essential for displaying and tracking of banner ads in the search engines and the websites. In the search engines whenever related search results are produced then ads are displayed in them accordingly so that the researchers can use the paid links, this helps in gaining web traffic on the website of the advertisers.

Pay per Click Company comprehensively does PPC campaign management by using affiliate model. In affiliate model the PPC agency makes performance based payment to all the affiliates.

A PPC management company simultaneously handles multiple affiliates and merchant websites. A PPC firm does real time tracking of all the clicks which prevents click fraud by tracking the IP addresses and the click time. All the invalid clicks are rejected by the Pay per Click Company as an when it gets the proof of the fraud clicks. A PPC Management Company works on a revenue sharing model.

To track click fraud PPC agencies use the latest automated technology. All the clicks are tracked in real time by the tracking software and they immediately generate high alert which helps in tracking the culprit publishers. All the invalid clicks are rejected and only the valid clicks are paid.

Pay Per Click Management Services

For profitable and cost effective internet marketing service a PPC Management Company is required. PPC firms provide top quality low cost marketing with very high click percentage for increasing sales or business.

How is PPC calculated?

For calculating the PPC for an advertisement, the advertising cost is divided by the number of clicks generated.

What does a PPC firm provide?

  • A PPC management company provides complete account report to the advertisers. It also provides email reporting on a weekly basis.
  • A PPC firm provides in depth keyword analysis and keyword management.
  • A Pay per Click Company also provides expert deep ROI analysis and expert campaign analysis. You also get unlimited phone support from the PPC management firm.
  • Advertisers are also provided with monthly, bi-weekly or weekly PPC management account meetings.
  • PPC firms weekly provide PPC vs. Organic comparison report and they also provide exclusive impression capture technology for tracking clicks.
  • PPC agencies provide comprehensive PPC bid management and they also use exclusive SourceTrax technology.

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